I tested the following: If one defines a multiline text box with name 'CommandBox' for entering the code, and a button named 'Execute' for execution attached to a subroutine 'exec()', then the following very simple code shows the idea and could be a starting point for the DSL:

Dim sc
Sub exec()
  If Not IsObject(sc) Then
    Set sc = New ScriptControl
    sc.Language = "JavaScript"
  End If
  MsgBox sc.eval(CommandBox.Text)
End Sub

Once defined, the JScript Interpreter will be reused, keeping the context of former commands. In fact, this is a big feature: Once, at initialization of sc, one could define several functions or objects dealing with the access to the library functions.

It would then be possible to create a DSL on top of the JScript syntax, simply by adding some predefined objects.