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#1 Catalogs not loaded on TRGpro


When I try to load one of the catalogs included
in the distribution, Version 2.2 of AstroInfo
crashes with "Memory Exception" => Reset.
Try to load the same catalog in Version 2.3
the load is simply ignored.
When I try to switch to Sky Map the TRGpro crashes
and needs a reset.
This happens on the TRGpro with PalmOS 3.5.1,
the same things work fine with the pose emulator.
I had a look on the source code, but on the first
view I couldn't find anything special which may
force a crash on the TRGpro.
Looks there is an incompatibility in TRG's PalmOS.

Any idea ... ?

Thanks in advance


  • Jochen Hoenicke

    Jochen Hoenicke - 2001-07-25
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  • Jochen Hoenicke

    Jochen Hoenicke - 2001-07-25

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    Sorry for not replying earlier. I must have overlooked
    your request.

    There's a catalog related bug fixed in 2.3.1, but I can't
    say if it is related to your problem.

    Also check if you have the latest catalogs installed, the
    format has changed since 2.1

    I can't help you without further information especially as
    you say that this bug is not reproducible with pose.
    I don't think there is anything special in astroinfo. I
    might have forgotten to close the catalog or free a
    pointer or something like that.

    Did you use the same PalmOS in pose as on the handheld,
    i.e. did you download the OS from the handheld?

  • Jochen Hoenicke

    Jochen Hoenicke - 2001-11-22
    • status: open --> closed
  • Jochen Hoenicke

    Jochen Hoenicke - 2001-11-22

    Logged In: YES

    I close this request.

    For the records:
    This bug was caused by installing the database to a CF
    first and transferring that to the TRG. This doesn't
    work, I think that HotSync has to assign Unique ID to each
    record and HotSync doesn't run when going over CF.

    Installing directly to TRG with HotSync works flawlessly.


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