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Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.6

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.6

-97: Encoding detection cache fails if file encoding changes
-95: Duplicate shortcut keys in some languages
-92: Exclusion viewing causes crash
-90: "Print Results..." + All option outputs a blank page
-89: "Save Results..." functionality is broken
-88: Difficulties to open the exclusions form

Featured Requests:
-120: Add option to change/​default to black the search panel labels.
-113: Create menu item for donation
-109: Allow showing more context lines (maximum of 25 now)
-108: Add additional text editor parameter for search text. (use %4 in command line for text editors)
-107: Date range search option (added time selection)... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2017-05-30

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.5

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.5

-78: searching-in-results NOT working (moved search in results to be a selectable option, able to select results to search within)
-86: Search Whole word with tab

Featured Requests:
-100: Context Menu - Add option to search current folder

- Updated Italian translation thanks to user hexaae

Posted by Jackslade 2016-04-15

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.4

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.4

-81: Open with associated app if no editors
-80: SerializationException in the log file
-79: Path in the title bar is multiplied every time I search

Featured Requests:
-80: Open With Associated App (keep the text editor location blank and it will use the default app instead), also bug #80 will also make it so any no defined editors will launch default app... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2015-08-20

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.3

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.3

-77: Double-click in Results window No Longer Opens File (added back per requests)
-39: Lines repeating in output (now results preview area will combine context lines when they overlap in different match sections. thanks to theblackbunny)

Featured Requests:
-57: Allow external language files. Language files can be now read from %appdata%\AstroGrep\Language\ or local directory\Language when using portable version.
The current US English language file can be found at read more

Posted by Jackslade 2015-06-30

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.2

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.2

-75: Issues with accented characters (use Tools->Options->File Encoding->Performance to set level of file encoding performance, or specify a specific encoding for a file)
-74: Line numbers truncated on v4.4
-73: Files fail to open in system editor when Search Text field is empty
-69: Drastic search speed change over versions (allow ability to select performance level of file encoding via Tools->Options->File Encoding->Performance)... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2015-06-04

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.1

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.1

-72: Detect file encoding option still gets a sample from the file even if unchecked.
-71: Missing translation for large/​binary file message in entire file display mode.
-69: Drastic search speed change over versions (partial fix by using same stream for sample and grep)

Posted by Jackslade 2015-05-19

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.0

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.4.0

-68: Selecting a file in the search results causes an exception
-61: Application freezes during preview pane population with a large amount of matched lines.

Feature Requests
-94: Add ability to download .net 4 framework if not installed from installer
-81: Word Wrap (View -> Word Wrap)
-54: Display all search results from in all found files after each search (Search Options -> Show all results after search, View -> All Results)
-21: Integrate syntax highlighters (only available when viewing entire file)
-20: full-document display (View -> Entire File)... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2015-05-15

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.3.3

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.3.3

-67: Unhandled exception if I click "search"
-65: Slash in Command Line for Text Editor doesn't work (adds text editor option to specify quotes around the file)
-64: Whole Word sometimes lists a non matched file.
-63: Multi monitor issue when additional monitor is removed (that was showing app)
-49: Gfx glitch with Windows DPI 125%... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2015-03-19

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.3.2

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.3.2

-41: Only filenames shown when searching for 'whole word'
-50: Search path cleared as vertical splitter is moved (if not searched yet)
-52: Exclusions: double clicking entry/​checkbox
-53: Whole word search returns invalid results
-55: File type filter "*" causes exception
-57: Whole Word search can report invalid results when search text has regex values
-58: Search Results only contain Line Numbers, and no Text Examples
-59: File filter induces duplicate results
-60: Encoding detection does not work correctly... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2015-02-11

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.3.1

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.3.1

-40: Counts not updated after item deleted from file list.
-42: Minimum File Count option needs translated
-43: Unicode/​binary matched text, display error
-44: Issues with accented characters
-45: Issue with file filter
-47: Wrong Italian translation in status bar
-48: AstroGrep not working (correctly) with utf8 characters/​files... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2014-02-13

AstroGrep v4.3.0 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.3.0

Feature Requests
-50: Use a UAC aware process to enable right click search folder option
-32: Added ability to filter out results based on how many hits in the file occur (Search Options->Minimum File Count, default is 0)
-39: Added font size selection for the file listing area (Tools->Results Tab->File List)
-51: Added Copy/Select All to a context menu for the results window to select all text or copy selected text to clipboard.
-28: Added ability to search within the currently displayed results... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2013-07-01

AstroGrep version 4.2.5 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.2.5

-37: Fix issue with Microsoft Word plugin that causes it to throw an error.
-36: Fix issue when parsing string representation of font on system that uses something other than . for decimal

Support Requests
-3: Option to save search settings on exit (Tools->General Tab->Save search options on exit.)

Posted by Jackslade 2012-10-26

AstroGrep version 4.2.2 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.2.2

-FIX, 3482207: copy all result column data to clipboard
-CHG, 3098471: support v4.0 of .Net when only framework installed
-CHG, 3424154/1816655: allow multiple search paths to be entered, separate full paths by use of , (comma)
-CHG, 2078252: add ability to copy name, located in, and located in + name to clipboard
-CHG, 1955653: set focus to the search text field on startup
-CHG, 1947760: update the default exclude list to exclude images (.gif, .bmp, .png, .jpeg, .jgp)
-CHG, 1561584: add ability to skip hidden/system files/directories
-CHG, 3054576: add patch to exclude surrounding full file path with quotes when quotes are provided in the command line parameters for a text editor... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2012-02-01

AstroGrep version 4.2.1 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.2.1

-FIX, display of search header not aligned properly
-CHG, remove filename regex textbox since not in use
-FIX, fix spelling of modified date start property in file filter interface
-FIX, remove default switch case in updating language to allow running with different language than english.
-CHG, update version to 4.2.1 for binary file and about dialog
-CHG, allow selection of back color for result hit in result file viewer

Posted by Jackslade 2012-01-24

AstroGrep version 4.1.4 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.1.4

-FIX, 1779270: fully supports 10 context lines again
-CHG, changed english text for search option 'Recurse' to 'Search Subfolders'
-CHG, update internal code for grep library from recursive to searchinsubfolders property
-CHG, Microsoft Word plugin now handles *.docx file extensions

Posted by Jackslade 2007-09-27

AstroGrep version 4.1.3 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.1.3

-FIX, 1778467: handle generic search error and resulting GUI state

-CHG, removed explicit use of the Microsoft Window's file path separator

Posted by Jackslade 2007-08-21

AstroGrep version 4.1.2 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.1.2

-FIX, 1700029: the configuration files are now stored in the user's roaming folder
(Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\AstroGrep)

NOTE: You can move your configuration files to this location to keep your
current settings before starting AstroGrep for the first time or can
overwrite them after you start AstroGrep for the first time. Make sure
to close AstroGrep first though.

    Also, using the /local command line switch will store the 
    configuration files in the application's folder

-FIX, buggy code when saving window positions during maximize or minimize situations
-FIX, 1723815/1655533: whole word matching updated and corrected
-FIX, 1723814: highlighting of currently selected file updated when changing
highlight color
-FIX, 1677004: search panel width updated properly when upgrading from a
previous version
-FIX, 1646328: only a single extension entry can exist... read more

Posted by Jackslade 2007-08-13

AstroGrep version 4.1.1 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.1.1

-FIX, don't throw error on linux version when unloading plugins (thanks Ted)
-FIX, correctly report hit count when hit text found in first column
-FIX, updated Italian translation file with user submitted changes from Elisabetta (lisman)

Posted by Jackslade 2007-01-26

AstroGrep version 4.1.0 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.1.0

-ADD, code updated to C#
-ADD, all settings are saved to file
-FIX, updated German translation file with user submitted changes from Andre Zschenker

Posted by Jackslade 2006-12-21

AstroGrep version 4.0.0 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v4.0.0

  • FIX 1500174, open files using read-only to prevent file locking for other applications
  • FIX 1530023, properly open file with correct character encoding
  • FIX 1512029, Allow whole word and case sensitive searching using a Regular Expression

  • ADD 875831, Microsoft Word document search

  • ADD 1512027, Support for different text editors based on file types
  • ADD 1512026, New text editor argument for column
  • ADD 1512028, support for dragging file to another application to open that file
  • ADD 1492221, full feature support for the command line using the following:
    AstroGrep.exe [start path] [file types] [search text] [/e /c /w /r /n /l /f /s]
    /e - the search text is a regular expression
    /c - Case sensitive
    /w - Whole Word
    /r - Recurse
    /n - Negation
    /l - Line numbers
    /f - File names only
    /s - Start searching immediately
  • ADD, Sort indicator
  • ADD, English, Spanish, Italian, and German translations
  • ADD, New Options dialog
  • ADD, Save results to html and xml
  • ADD, Grabber graphics on split bars
  • ADD, better support of Window's System Colors and style
  • ADD, Results fore color and back colors are customizable
  • ADD, Option to add a desktop and/or start menu shortcut
  • ADD, File extension exclusion list to always skip those files
  • ADD, Improved searching on a separate thread to better improve GUI responsiveness
Posted by Jackslade 2006-09-16

AstroGrep v3.2.2 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v3.2.2

  • FIX 1500174, open files using read-only to prevent file locking for other applications
  • FIX 1516774, don't display an error message dialog when cancelling a search
  • FIX 1516775. don't remove spaces from the search expression
  • FIX 1516777, stop the ability of right-click to open text editor (restricted to left-clicks)
Posted by Jackslade 2006-07-04

AstroGrep v3.2.1 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v3.2.1

  • Fixed missing context lines when using regular expressions (introduced in 3.2.0)
Posted by Jackslade 2006-05-12

AstroGrep v3.2.0 released

Changelog for AstroGrep v3.2.0

  • Added highlighting of selection of results when using regular expressions (FEATURE: 1411046)
  • Fixed incorrect count of regular expression hits in a file
  • Set the font of results when using regular expressions to match normal searching
  • Added truncating file path in the status bar when it is to long (BUG: 1367852)
Posted by Jackslade 2006-04-22

AstroGrep v3.1.1 beta released

- Added custom highlight color selection for results
- Added extension of drop down lists to display the full path
- Removed hardcoded text in the base search algorithm (AstroGrepBase.dll updated to v1.0.1)
- Skip over invalid directories in base search algorithm
- Added Count column to report how many hits in each file
- Fixed issue with Large Font display and search options being cut off
- Display message when unable to access a file

Posted by Jackslade 2006-04-01

AstroGrep v3.1 beta released!

The latest version of AstroGrep (.Net) has been released in beta form. Here is the changelog

Changelog for AstroGrep v3.1.0

  • removed End of Line settings (if any issues, please send them to me)
  • changed search code (seems faster, should fix bug where recursive option was not working, although couldn't reproduce)
  • added .vb to .bas, .cls default type
  • added setting to make AstroGrep a right-click option on folders
  • changed some messages displayed to user
  • number of mru items to store is now a drop down list
  • added F9 hotkey to open the options dialog
  • added saving of results list column widths, search panel size, and results list height (Thanks to Son Le)
  • fixed bug where the search options were highlighted on startup (Thanks to Son Le)
  • removed installer (Makes AstroGrep a single download and run application)
  • changed menu text of Clear MRU lists to Clear Most Recently Used Lists for clarification
  • changed open file editor text to Text Editor for clarification
  • made the search button the default button, and the cancel button the default cancel button, this allows hitting enter
    and Esc to begin a search and cancel a search (Some thanks goes to Son Le)
  • redesigned about dialog
  • disable menu items when not available for use... read more
Posted by Jackslade 2005-11-16