Patch a bug : reactivate the icons of the main menu when you are in "Material" part

In the last version (3.7), there is a little bug about the icons of the main menu. When you are in the "Material" part of Astres, the plugin displaying icônes of the main menu and skin of the contextual menu are not activated. To reactivate the icons and contextual menu, you have to comment or delete these lines in the /Astres/Common/Config.php file, lines 3370 to 3381 :

/Support/MaterialFollow' => array(
'initMatFileDeliveryMatMenuPlugin' => array(
'Scripts' => array( $CONF_ROOT_DIRECTORY."Common/JSPrototype/prototype.js", $CONF_ROOT_DIRECTORY."Plugins/PHPMatFileDeliveryPlugin/JSMatFileDeliveryMatMenuPlugin.js"
'Params' => array($CONF_LANG),
'Css' => array( 'screen' => array($CONF_ROOT_DIRECTORY."Plugins/PHPMatFileDeliveryPlugin/PHPMatFileDeliveryPluginStyles.css")

Sorry for this bug.

Posted by IVD Service Support 2013-05-01

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