Astres v3.4 available!

This new version is a major version :
- copy rules : mechanism to allow to auto copy some field's values of a sub-ticket to it's parent, or to the parent ticket to its childs. The type of copy is an operator : add, sub, concat, override, if empty... You can define your own operetors
- possibility to create web services. In this version, just one web service is available : RSS,
- possibility to create mail services. You can send a command to execute by Astres in a mail, formated in XML. 2 mail services are available : create a vacation in the planning and create a new ticket,
- actions of the supporters are logged in a table (like in the GLPI software). The logs feed the plugin "RSS",
- the tickets search engine has a new criteria : you can filter affected tickets to some supporters,
- in the first stat item, you can do the same (generate a stat about tickets affected to some supporters),
- you can use a blank media duplicating a similar blank media already used,
- when you want to use a blank media, the displayed page of blank media is the page containing used blank media and at least one available blank media,
- when you search a person to put in copy, the search is done in the Customers and SupportMembers tables too (not only in the LDAP),
- the RHD profil can force to close a ticket,
- a purpose can be linked to a ticket (as source).

Moreover, some plugins are modified or new :
- Admin plugin : allow the admin profil to administrate the database thanks to a GUI. Access to this plugin thanks a link on main page of each top menu item (the 5 items),
- icon plugin : display an icon in relation with the extension for uploaded files (tickets and internal actions),
- help to affect tickets : for the RHD profil, display suggestions to affect a ticket in relation with the project and availibilities of the supporters.
- session still active : before each submittion of form, the plugin check if the session is still active (so not only with a polling).

Posted by IVD Service Support 2010-06-23

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