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ASTRA Tomography Toolbox documentation


  • 2015-12-23: New version 1.7.1beta released. This is a small bugfix release after v1.7beta. ASTRA version 1.7beta contains a few large experimental new features, which is why we have given it the beta tag.
    If it does not work properly for you, all files for astra-1.6 are also still available for download: astra-1.6 downloads. New features:

    • Experimental MPI distributed computing support in Python. This is only available for Linux+Python, as a separate source download (astra-1.7.1beta_MPI.tar. bz2), or the mpi branch on github.
    • Experimental support in Python for FP and BP of objects composited from multiple 3d data objects, at possibly different resolutions. This also removes some restrictions on data size for 3D GPU FP and BP.
    • Reduced restrictions on volume geometries: The volume no longer has to be centered, and voxels still have to be cubes, but no longer 1x1x1.
  • 2015-05-29: New version 1.6 released. The Python interface developed by Daniel Pelt, and the Matlab Spot toolbox operator wrapping ASTRA developed by Folkert Bleichrodt are now integrated into the main ASTRA Toolbox source tree.

  • 2015-01-17: From 25 to 27 March, 2015, iMinds-Vision Lab organizes the second ASTRA Toolbox training session. For more info, please contact Wim Van Aarle: wim.vanaarle@uantwerpen.be.

  • 2014-02-25: From 9 to 11 April 2014, the iMinds-Vision Lab organizes a training session entitled "Unleashing the ASTRA Tomography Toolbox".

  • 2013-07-12: Folkert Bleichrodt from CWI has contributed a wrapper around the ASTRA Toolbox for the Spot toolbox.

  • 2013-07-02: New version 1.3 released with some bug fixes and including a version of the DART algorithm by Wim van Aarle from the Vision Lab at the University of Antwerp.

  • 2013-04-24: Daniël M. Pelt from CWI has released a Python interface for the ASTRA Toolbox.

  • 2012-08-20: ASTRA Toolbox, developed by iMinds-Vision Lab of the University of Antwerp, launched!


[Sample scripts]


Main downloads:

For compiling on Windows we only provide Visual Studio 2008 and 2012 project files. We have also packaged a set of external libraries and headers for all the build dependencies:

Reference guide



Data objects:



[ASTRA utility scripts]

  • astra_create_sino
  • astra_create_backprojection
  • astra_create_sino_cuda
  • astra_create_backprojection_cuda
  • astra_create_sino3d_cuda
  • astra_create_backprojection3d_cuda
  • astra_geom_2vec
  • astra_geom_size


Documentation: 2D CPU Algorithms
Documentation: 2D GPU Algorithms
Documentation: 2D Geometries
Documentation: 2D Projectors
Documentation: 3D GPU Algorithms
Documentation: 3D Geometries
Documentation: ART
Documentation: ASTRA utility scripts
Documentation: BP
Documentation: BP_CUDA
Documentation: CGLS
Documentation: CGLS3D_CUDA
Documentation: CGLS_CUDA
Documentation: FBP
Documentation: FBP_CUDA
Documentation: FDK_CUDA
Documentation: FP
Documentation: FP_CUDA
Documentation: Introduction
Documentation: Masks
Documentation: SART
Documentation: SART_CUDA
Documentation: SIRT
Documentation: SIRT3D_CUDA
Documentation: SIRT_CUDA
Documentation: Sample scripts
Documentation: astra_create_proj_geom
Documentation: astra_create_projector
Documentation: astra_create_vol_geom
Documentation: astra_mex_algorithm
Documentation: astra_mex_data2d
Documentation: astra_mex_data3d
Documentation: astra_mex_matrix
Documentation: astra_mex_projector
Documentation: astra_struct


  • Alex.W

    For some systems, the x-ray gantry rotates while the detector is fixed. In astra, is there a parameter that set whether the detector rotates or not? Thanks!

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