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about posting ideas....

Noticed a bunch of stuff was going in to the feature request area. I have been looking at the sf controls and I think it expires stuff after a period of time. Since this site is going to have low volume traffic can all ideas and discussions be held in the forum?

Posted by Geoff Gowey 2002-11-03

statement of purpose

Could not really squeeze into the project description what this project is about so I thought this post would be better to give the curious a more accurate description of what this project is about. Having read the ongoing chat on #asterisk on I realized a lot of people have a lot of ideas for what features Asterisk needs. However, few people on the channel have the time to fully devote to creating their ideas. The people that are currently developing Asterisk are already doing a superb job, but loading them on with more feature requests would probably hamper development of Asterisk (if not make it unstable). ... read more

Posted by Geoff Gowey 2002-10-29

help wanted

Both code and ideas are needed. Since the goal of this project is to allow primarilly part time developers the ability to contribute please do not hesitate. Please throw out whatever suggestions come to mind in the forum. More importantly is the contribution of code though. Whatever is received will be put in to cvs so that others may maintain and advance it. Remember, this project is to be an incubator so stability and advanced features are not expected of whatever is contributed.

Posted by Geoff Gowey 2002-10-29