Asterisk & ISDN: P2P with AVM FritzCard PCI

Master One
  • Master One

    Master One - 2006-05-23

    I was planning to setup my first Asterisk@Home server using an AVM FritzCard PCI V2.0 for ISDN connectivity. The problem is, it's an ISDN Point-to-Point connection ("Anlagenanschluss"), and I just stumbled over this statement on AsteriskGuru:

    Another big difference between active and passive ISDN cards is in working on Point to Point (P2P) (see below) configured lines. A passive card like the AVM Fritz PCI cant' work on P2P configured lines.
    Does anybody have a clue, why ISDN P2P is not possible with such a passive card, or is that info already outdated? AVM is providing Linux CAPI drivers, that's all I know by now.

    I really didn't want to invest in another ISDN card, especially as I have that FritzCard already laying around here.

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