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asterCRM 0.075 released

* added customer_lead and note_lead
* added defined code for note

* added user online statistic and user online report

* added sms api

* added user type and user privileges

* added attend transfer for agent mode
* added hangupcause, hangupcausetxt and dialstatus to cdr table
* fixed bug of astercc daemon works with asterisk 1.2
* fixed bug of incorrect didnumber on agent mode
* fieed bug of incorrect curcdr works with astercrm.agi
* added doubleCheckCampaign in astercc.conf
* added export data to daillist directly
* added count and time of tranfer to cdr and dialedlist

Posted by solo 2011-02-20

astercrm 0.063 released

astercc 0.2 has great improvement than astercc 0.1x, the new features are

* compatible with asterisk 1.6 and 1.4
o we have done a lot of testing for both asterisk 1.6 and 1.4, and 0.2 will work for both version, in fact in this new version, we suggest customer use asterisk 1.6
* blind transfer attend transfer and get call back
o when agent talk with customer, they can consult a 3rd-party and choose transfer the call or restore the original conversation
o only asterisk 1.6 support this feature... read more

Posted by solo 2010-10-14

asterCC and asterCC-BOX released 0.14-beta

asterCRM 0.062:

* added export in cdr page

* added parameters(uniqueid/calldate) when ust extenal crm

* not display diallist function when login as dynamic agent

* added update groupid and accountid to mycdr(parameter “update_groupid” in astercc.conf)

* improved processmonitors

* improved export funciton, supoorts to export xls and cvs format

* improved report page

* astercc daemon support astersik 1.6.x... read more

Posted by solo 2010-05-27

astercrm 0.061 released

added agents manager in astercrm to manage agents.conf
fixed the bug that cant edit worktime_package
added callOrder field in diallist
added diallist panel in portal page
added the daemon to convert recording files to mp3 format
added mp3 online player
added agent portal panel switcher
added clear screen button in agent portal

Posted by solo 2009-11-19

astercrm 0.06 released

new features in 0.06
improved survey export feature
add a switch to control if need close all popup window after a survey
improved dialer
added table campaignresult
added survye <-> campaign connection
popup survey directly when only one survey enabled
added surveyresult.agi, can be used to update survey when use AMD
added new parameters which is used to control cdr data (in table mycdr)
allow add customer name or add customer connection when import diallist, also added diallist popup
monitor features was moved to daemon astercc
add queuestatus page, to display realtime queue status
fixed the bug that sort only work in the first page

Posted by solo 2009-09-18

astercrm 0.059 released

* impoved send request by javascript in portal interface
* fixed can not order in customer,diallist and dialedlist page
* fixed can not export in note ,diallist, dialedlist, campaign,contact
* fixed can’t find astercc license file when is not running in ‘/opt’
* fixed the start check of predictive doesn’t work in IE7
* fixed can not record wher predictive

Posted by solo 2009-06-27

asterCRM 0.058 released

asterCRM new features:

* campaign result statistics
* agent dialed result statistics
* support set start time and end time for campaign
* supply a shell for backup file and database
* agent can add a scheduler dial for a customer
* support set dial waittime in campaign
* agent can add a transfer link in note
* astercrm workwith asterbilling simplely
* supoort delete a uploaded file
* agent break function
* reload or restart asterisk in web

Posted by solo 2009-04-07

astercrm 0.057 released

new features in 0.057
dialer support dialout mutil-servers
support chinese address of google map
support post more customer infomation to external CRM by URL
support count how long dynamic agent loged in the queue
private note
support licence with time limit

Posted by solo 2009-02-17

asterCRM 0.056 released

asterCRM new features:

* barge-in and invite

asterCRM changelog:

* add barge-in and invite
* added delete and export through search in all page
* improve adding Extensions (support two ways: number or username)
* added table “parkedcalls” to database
* improve auto assign extension when import diallist by admin
* improve recycle dialed number(can be recycle by checkbox and search rusult)
* added remember me in login page

Posted by solo 2009-01-06

asterCRM 0.055 released

bug fixed
add a daemon dialer for predictive dialer and scheduler call
support predictive dialer to queue directly
enhanced survey
add smart match for new callerid

Posted by solo 2008-12-10

asterCRM 0.05 released

From now on, asterCRM would be released in asterCC package, the latest version is 0.05 in asterCC 0.1 beta

new features in 0.05

support dynamic agent mode
extension whisper
DID number display
support predictive dial dial out strategy
support import file which exist in server
recent cdr bind to monitor records
add ext for fax
support play gsm file in web
force monitor by group
update licence in web
auto install shell
system status monitor by groupadmin
predictive dial by groupadmin
multi mode search(like,=,<,>)

Posted by solo 2008-11-12

astercrm 0.047alpha released

scheduler dialer
customer CDR
could work with astercc
improved diallist/dialedlist management

Posted by solo 2008-06-18

asterCRM 0.0461 released

fix some bugs in 0.046
improve import function
provide two new features:
diallist campaign
dialedlist recycle

Posted by solo 2008-02-16