ast-0.2.8 Released!

Today AST version 0.2.8 was released. This release adds the ability to manually correct for splits that Yahoo does not recognize. It ties together the worksheet and portfolio through a slippage calculations, which allows you to measure how good your timing is. Users can now enter a custom exchange rate for transactions instead of using the market rate. Full change log follows:

* New: Ability to manually correct for splits that Yahoo doesn't notice
* New: Slippage calculation for portfolio -- ties together worksheet and stoploss
* New: Added start date option for afetch
* New: Securitymaster and markets query to afetch
* Implemented wish #1584779: IDEA: Market news in market watch
* Implemented wish #1619729: WISH: Transaction Exchange Rate
* Implemented wish #1709433: Return of capital
* Fixed: afetch errors should go to stderr
* Fixed: Market watch was showing market opening in huge number of minutes.
* Fixed: Added a lock file for the scheduler so that you don't get two schedulers working on the same job.
* Fixed: date issues with AST regarding daylight savings time
* Fixed bug #1710125: Tried to add a dividend, got this error
* Fixed bug #1686863: ast does not support ta-lib 0.3.0

Posted by Michael Williamson 2007-05-06

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