ast-0.2.7 released

Today ast-0.2.7 was released. The main new feature in this version is the addition of risk analysis. You can now see how risky each of your portfolio holdings is, how much you have reduced your risk by diversifying and how much each security contributes to the over all risk in your portfolio. There are new reports to help find high or low volatility stocks. The portfolio now has an Annualised view, which shows how much you make per year with componound interest. Here is the complete change log:

Version 0.2.7 Released Mar 11, 2007
* New: Added Risk analysis to the portfolio
* New: New risk analysis reports
* New: Added pattern scanner alert
* New: Exponentiation operator and days_held fields in portfolio, which allow for annualised gains report
* New: Most trades game summary
* Fixed: Hide pattern stuff from stock screener email if it wasn't used
* Fixed: Added detection on inf and nan to formating code
* Fixed: Added FX correction for portfolio quotes.
* Fixed: Portfolio summary change colours were backwards.
* Fixed: Portfolio news did not work in text version.
* Fixed: Crash when looking up a symbol that wasn't found at start of alphabet
* Fixed: crashing run alerts; invalid quote period.
* Fixed: File error messages were not displayed correctly
* Fixed: Report MACD crash
* Fixed bug #1657334: tm_zone and HOST_NAME_MAX issue
* Fixed bug #1657298: a few LOCK_* const not declared
* Fixed bug #1657520: '_S' and '_N' not declared in this scope
* Fixed bug #1654804: Game purchases
* Fixed bug #1673068: Can't remove indicator
* Fixed bug #1669499: Stock screen crashes with failed ADX screen.
* Fixed bug #1672785: logic error : currency

Posted by Michael Williamson 2007-03-11

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