Association Subscribers Manager 3.0rc1 released

Association Subscribers Manager version 3.0rc1

Releases main changes are :

* Translations:
Association Subscribers Manager now supports the following languages :
- Romanian (Lucian Lupescu -\) [new]
- Swedish (Daniel Persson)
- Brazilian Portuguese (Diego Ferreira)
- French
- English

* Software changes:
- made a global UI redesign
- add a federation editor/creator
- add the possibility to configure the displayed currency
- made all tables in the application easily editable
- re-code from scratch all the in-place editing system
- fix differents UI retranslation bugs
- fix a bug concerning address handling
- fix a bug in the update dialog (now display a message when no updates are available)
- fix multiple bug affecting the dues calculation
- Fix bugs 2792058 and 2793190

Posted by Arnaud DUPUIS 2009-05-20

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