ASSP Released

Do Message-ID Signing - FBMTV (DoMSGIDsig)
If activated, the message-ID of each outgoing message will be signed with with a unique Tag and every incoming mail from BounceSenders will be checked against this. This tagging mode is worldwide unique to ASSP. This tag will be removed from any incoming email, to recover the original
references in the mail header.

-Regular Expression to Identify Non-Spam** (whiteRe)
If an incoming email matches this Perl regular expression it will be considered non-spam.
For example: Secret Ham Password|307\D{0,3}730\D{0,3}4[12]\d\d

(Fields marked with two asterisk (**) contains regular expressions (regex) and accept a second weight value. Every weigted regex has to be followed by '=>' and the weight value. For example:
The multiplication result of the weight and the penaltybox valence value will be used for scoring.)

-Maximum Hits in whiteRe (whiteReMaxHits)
Number of matches to be scored. If the total sum of matches is >= whiteValencePB the message will be considered 'whitelisted'.

- NotifyRe now accepts comma separated recipients in every regex
line - for example: warning:=>,

Posted by Fritz Borgstedt 2009-12-29

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