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Assist: Now has CVS

Assist now has CVS. I just learned it yesterday... :)

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-06-30

Assist: Bug fix

I just added some code that frees memory that is no longer needed.

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-06-26

Assist Delays

Sorry about the delays, got sick...again. Yes I know it is often. And I am still sick from last semester, so that does not count as being sick anymore. :)
Trying to continue working on the sourcecode. Sorry!

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-06-24

Assist: Sorry!

I really need to learn CVS. It might make it more desirable for ohers to help me develop. The way it is going to work is like this:
You have a coding idea, submit it, and it will be implemented in the next release. Any help is appreciated...

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-06-17

New source code release

New source code release for today.

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-06-16

Assist: Testing

It would be helpful if some people tested the code and submitted bug reports :)

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-06-15

New Source Code!

I changed my mind. After talking to many people, I decided to post the new source code. Very different now. Well, download away!

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-06-14

Next Assist release

The next Assist release will be sometime before Febuary.

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-01-17

Sick...And leaving for Florida

I have not had much time to code b/c I got really sick...
I am also leaving to Pensacola for College on Saturday. Because I will be in college, Updates to the code will come *at most* once a week, If get a chance to get on the internet; my college does not have internet access. So, if you contribute code, thanks a bunch!!!! Even without site updates, I will be working on the code.
PS: I also need someone to provide documentation...

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-01-15

Assist Pocket PC Code released

The PocketPC Assist code has been released. This will allow you to make request on your PocketPC the way the Newton Message Pad allowed you to.

This contains 3 versions of the source code. I started writing this when I was new to VB and eVB, so some of the code in this release is inefficient.

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-01-12

Assist: Windows source code

The Windows source code is completed! Feel free to download, compile and use!
I will release a compiled version shortly, and assist for the Pocket PC(I don't have VB embedded anymore, so only the source will be released.)

for more news, visit

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-01-12

Assist: Website

My website is finished:

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-01-10

Assist: First Source Code Release

I just released the C source code for the project, and will be releasing the semi-completed VB source code soon.
It is in the Documentation section.

Posted by Abbie Gonzalez 2004-01-10

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