It is, indeed, a memory problem.

One thing you can try is to reduce the amount of processing done. Try removing aiProcess_JoinIdenticalVertices and aiProcess_SortByPType and see if that makes a difference.


On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 2:29 PM, Francesco Corucci <> wrote:

Hi guys,

I am moving the first steps with the assimp library in the Qt 5.3 environment (and with 3D stuff in general). What I need to do is to load the CAD model of a robot and animate it (from simple rotations to display robot's attitude, to moving some joints in a robotic arm).

Following this tutorial I was able to correctly load .obj files downloaded from the web.

I have then tried with my models: starting from a Solid Works model (.SLDASM) I exported in .STL, and then with MeshLab in .obj.

The program works fine when dealing with a simple model (few parts), but when I try to load a more complex one (a whole robot, with lot of parts) I get this error:

Using OpenGL 3.3 context
Error loading file: (assimp:) std::bad_alloc

I imagine this is related to memory (maybe the model is too big?).

What I would like to ask you is: any idea on how can I solve this?
Any suggestion? I guess simplifying the model could be an option, but maybe I can avoid this, so I am asking you.

Thank you very much guys



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