Oh, forgot to include a very relevant quote from Alexander Gessler in the referenced article about Assimp supporting DWG:

"Personally, I'm extremely unhappy with their [LibreDWG's — LGW] GPL licensing. It prohibits its use in Assimp and for many other applications as well."

"I don't like dogmatic ideologies, and freeing software by force (as GPL/GNU does) is something I dislike in particular. It's fine for applications, because it doesn't hurt at this point, but, in my opinion, not for libraries that are designed to be used as freely as possible."

"Apart from that (or rather: assuming this issue solved, i.e. licensing changed), it's a great project, and DWG is an important file format and an important candidate for Assimp as well."


On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 2:22 PM, Ken Noland <ken.noland@fundamentalgames.com> wrote:
Although Assimp does support several undocumented formats, most of them have either publicly available source code, or a very strong interest - strong enough to compel engineers to reverse engineer the format. I've used DWG in the past and it was a nightmare. The undocumented status of the format, despite it being in existence for over 30 years, leads to buggy implementations(see LibDWG or LibreDWG) that often times don't work with commercial software.

From the article(in the LibreDWG section) -

"Currently, LibreDWG can decode R13, R14 and DWG 2000 files. DWG 2004 support is almost ready, but we still need to work on 2007 and 2010. Until version 5.1 of the spec there wasn't enough information to implement it because either the document was corrupted or it had several sections intentionally omitted. Write support is partially implemented, but reading is our priority."

However, with that said, you could easily write a simple extension that uses LibreDWG or LibDWG to import DWG files, but currently neither support writing. Or, you could simply export to OBJ and that would probably be easier.

As for FBX 2015... well... Considering this was just released a little while ago, I wouldn't expect support for it immediately. Kim might be able to shed more light on this though.


On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 1:32 AM, Christopher Kurtis Koeber <ckoeber@gmail.com> wrote:

I couldn't find any information on this so I thought I would ask; is it
possible for ASSIMP to be able to handle DWG and Revit files?

I understand that currently ASSIMP handles .FBX files but with these extra
extensions additional application support from the AutoDESK world can be
pulled in quite nicely.

In addition, as a side note in regards to FBX files, AutoDESK recently made
updates to their SDK in relations to FBX files. The changes (and their SDK)
can be found here:


Are there any plans to incorporate the new changes into ASSIMP or have they
been imported already?

Thank you for your time.

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