Martin - 2013-08-29


no sure that this is the right place, but I was wondering how the Exporter is supposed to work. As it takes an aiScene as an argument which is a read-only object, how do you create an object and export it to some file? All I got working so far is importing some file and then exporting it again (as did some people here in the forum).
However, as I understand it, it defeats the purpose of an exporter. I created some models which I would like to export (mostly vertex data, no fancy ligthing or animation stuff). Is there a way to do this with Assimp?

I just pulled the source from github and built the documentation (which states it is version 2.0 from 2010, though I guess thats only the old doxygen file?). It still states that aiScene is not to be instanciated by the user, which as far as I understand it makes it impossible to create and export selfmade models. Am I right here or did I miss something?

If not so, are there any plans to do (something like) what I described? I just got familiar with Assimp and are pretty fond of the import functionality (thanks for that by the way :) ) and would hate to switch to yet another library.

On a side note: The link to the SVN repository on the download page ( is down...

Good day to you,