Problem with maximum smoothing angle

  • Remus Cristian

    Remus Cristian - 2013-07-24

    I've got a problem with AI_CONFIG_PP_GSN_MAX_SMOOTHING_ANGLE ,in config.h ... I try to set the maximum smoothing angle,but it doesn't work...It renders with the default maximum smoothing angle(175 degrees),even if i define it 50 :


    Last edit: Remus Cristian 2013-07-24
  • Thomas Ziegenhagen

    It doesn't work that way - defines in your program do not affect libraries that have been compiled before. Use Importer::SetPropertyFloat() instead.

  • Remus Cristian

    Remus Cristian - 2013-07-31

    Thanks for help! Before I was using aiImportFile()...Now,I am using the Importer class,because this is the only way to use SetPropertyFloat for defining the maximum smoothing angle.But now I have another problem instead.The following errors show up in the linker debugger:

    undefined reference to `Assimp::Importer::Importer()'

    undefined reference to `Assimp::Importer::SetPropertyFloat(char const, float, bool)'

    undefined reference to `Assimp::Importer::ReadFile(char const*, unsigned int)'

    undefined reference to `Assimp::Importer::~Importer()'

    undefined reference to `Assimp::Importer::~Importer()'

    What is wrong with the linker?How should i solve this problem?Note that I am using CodeBlocks in Windows 7 and I have included Importer.hpp ...Also,i linked assimp.lib and all the details in the project settings,compiler and debugger are correct...Please help!

    Last edit: Remus Cristian 2013-07-31

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