Blender import with assimp

  • andreucm

    andreucm - 2014-02-27

    Hi all,

    I'm working on robotics and I'm using Assimp due to its importer capabilities.
    I'm using assimp-3.0.1270, under ubuntu 12.04.

    In a C++ program that uses openGL for rendering in GLUT windows, I'm trying to import .blend files, so I use an Assimp::Importer to read the file, and then, between glNewList() and glEndList() I call recursive_render(scene, scene->mRootNode), in a similar way it is done at assimp sample program file samples/SimpleOpenGL/Sample_SimpleOpenGL.c.

    But anything is load into gl list, so anything is rendered. I've realized that inside the function recursive_render(), varible nd->mNumMeshes is 0, so the loop is completely skipped and therefore no GL drawing is preformed ?

    I've tested it with different .blend models download from the cloud.

    Is this issue known ? Is it a problem of how 3D models have been built ?



  • Kim Kulling

    Kim Kulling - 2014-03-14

    Currently not. I will open an issue report for your observation to check if this is an issue.
    Thanks for reporting it!



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