Bone Names with Spaces

  • Stephen Keefer

    Stephen Keefer - 2012-11-12

    I have two questions

    1) i am using 3DS Max Design 2013 and i created a Biped to do my animations.  The naming convention of the Biped by default is "Bip01 <Joint>".  Now when this is imported into Assimp, it blows up because the bone names are not pulled properly, but instead they stop at the first space that is encountered. Is there a way around this? without having to rename every bone inside of 3DS Max prior to exporting.

    2) WHen i export to Collada, the animatino is named "Combined", which is not the name that is assigned to it within 3DS Max design.  how can this be controlled, or is this just a limitation of using Collada as the export format.

    Thanks much

  • Thomas Ziegenhagen

    1) To which format do you export to? Reading should not stop at the first space, it looks like it's a bug in the loader. But which loader?

    2) To my knowledge the "Combined" node is not generated by Assimp. Check the options of the exporter you're using. Also, be sure to avoid aiProcess_OptimizeMeshes, aiProcess_OptimizeGraph and aiProcess_PretransformVertices because these steps collapse the node tree and combine meshes.

  • Stephen Keefer

    Stephen Keefer - 2012-11-13

    I am using 3DS Max Design 2013 and i am exporting to DAE (Collada) using the built in exporter.  Thier is a second problem with this exporter as well.  I previously was using 3DS Max 2012 with OpenCOLLADA, and everything worked perfectly fine. I did see in the DAE importer class that it is setting hte animation name to "combined".

    my current animated model is made up on 2 meshes (head and body), each has a seperate texture.  using OpenCOLLADA and assimp i was able to get two meshes, all of the bones and properly animate the mesh, albeit having to rename the animation manually as the animation given to it from assimp was called "combined".

    Now though, when i export using the built in Collada exporter in 2013 max, each mesh is shown to have the same (TotalVertices of hte model) for each individual mesh, basically showing the model 2x.

    I will try it without the aiProcess_OptimizeMeshes and see if this helps at all. 

  • wh1sp3r1k

    wh1sp3r1k - 2013-10-17

    Hello, I have same problem, it seems, bone names which contain spaces still have a problem. Is this fixed in latest version ?

    if you need to have some file to test, i can send you max file and DAE file.
    Thank you

  • wh1sp3r1k

    wh1sp3r1k - 2013-10-17

    So, yes. I removed all spaces from names of bones and it's working.
    So, it's a bug.

  • Thomas Ziegenhagen

    Yes, probably. But whose bug? The assimp collada loader reads bone names and references unchanged, byte for byte. Exporters might be buggy as well. Please send me the Collada file to thomas (at) dreamworlds (dt) de and I'll have a look.

  • wh1sp3r1k

    wh1sp3r1k - 2013-11-01

    Yes, it's COLLADA bug.

    "Name_array id="Box001Controller-Joints-array" count="4">
    Bone C 1 Bone R 1 Bone L 1 Bone C 2 Name_array"

    there is a link array and spaces are just messing things up here.

    OpenCollada exports it well.

    Last edit: wh1sp3r1k 2013-11-02

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