build upgrade causes segmentation fault

  • anthony hendersom

    Hi All,
    I was running my code on assimp ver 2.0.863 and my code ran fine. However I've just upgraded to version 3
    from the ubuntu reps and am having a segmentation fault. ddd showes the fault happens in the following section of code
    at line 262

    /* read in indexes*/
    259 unsigned int faceIndex = 0;
    260 for( unsigned int t = 0; t <  model_mesh->mNumFaces ; t++ )
    261 {
    262         const struct aiFace* face = &model_mesh->mFaces;
    264         mesh.mesh_type = model_mesh->mFaces.mNumIndices;
    266         memcpy (&Index, face->mIndices,mesh.mesh_type * sizeof( GLuint ) );
    267         faceIndex += mesh.mesh_type;
    269 }
    I  can see from ddd that the model_mesh->mFaces is empty
    mFaces = 0x0
    however mNumFaces = 120.
    Can anyone advise?  This code definately worked with the versions 2 I was running. I can see that mNumberFaces = 120 but in version 2 mFaces is a pointer
    Should add I running ubuntu 13.04 and upgraded assimp from the Ubuntu reps
    Thanks in advace

  • Thomas Ziegenhagen

    Someone else already reported the same symptoms. IIRC this was a include/lib mismatch - the code included different Assimp headers that did not suit the Assimp lib the linker linked to the executable. Check your include directories *really carefully* and also your linker directories.

  • anthony hendersom

    Ah right thanks, they seem to have changed the header names?  So basically delete the header folder and reinstalll


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