VRML file format

  • cyril

    cyril - 2012-07-26


    Do you plan to add a support for VRML files ? (extension 'wrl')
    (there is a description on wikipedia)

    If not, could you guess the amount of time needed to implement one ?
    We will probably do it, but as we do know almost nothing about 3D,
    we are not able to produce a correct time estimation.

    PS: My 2 previous post have been 'Topic caught in spam net.' I do not why, sorry for double posting if it is still existing…

  • Thomas Ziegenhagen

    Didn't know there's a spam filter here… oh, the wonders.


    to my knowledge there is no VRML support planned at the moment. I just had a quick look at the specification, so I can't give you a detailed guess. The geometry / lighting / animation content might need 3 weeks of fulltime coding, or let's say from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the coder's familiarity with the topic and 3d math in general. The interactive parts like collision, movement, node interaction, scripting and cross referencing can not be represented by Assimp data structures and are therefore left out in the estimate. If you need these, you'll have to look for another library.

    On a related note: we're offering consulting for Assimp :-) If you can invest money to solve this problem, I'm available.

    Bye, Thomas

  • Alexander Gessler

    Side note: 2 years ago, I actually started work on on a VRML importer. Didn't get far though (and I lost the code). VRML is relatively difficult to parse. A parser generator would probably be useful for this purpose. What would be left then is the geometry conversion code, which means a lot of different entities have to be implemented.

    Thomas estimate is likely correct.

  • cyril

    cyril - 2012-07-31

    Thanks for your estimation.
    But our client will never pay for something that long (well, that expensive in fact) :(
    We will see if we can have indian people to have partially and bugged feature :)

  • Thomas Ziegenhagen

    Good luck :)

  • Kim Kulling

    Kim Kulling - 2012-08-01

    One point I want to mention here: if your client wants this feature he has to pay 6 weeks minimum with guy's from India as well. This is not expensice, this is the time anyone will need to do this task inm minimum ( without soluting any special issues ).  6 weeks seems to be a really good-weather estimation special for not trainted guy's.

    6 weeks full-time coding for Ulf sound more realistic for me ( I know his knowledge ).


  • cyril

    cyril - 2012-08-09

    you where right, even indian people are too expensive :)
    so, the client will not be ours :(


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