DAE import + per instance materials

  • Avithohol

    Avithohol - 2013-09-03


    first of all a big thank You for this awesome lib!!

    Just a notice, maybe i am totally off the road:

    -I import DAE files
    -I heavily use the DAE file's geometry instancing feature

    I think the Assimp Node hierarchy is great,
    I can easily extract the instances with their transformations and the aiMesh index they refer to.
    On the other hand i realize that only the geometry (aiMesh) itself has knowledge about what material it uses. So I could not have two different instance referring to the same geometry and using different materials.

    DAE files do contain material info per instance and not per geometry.

    I hope this was understandable what i wrote.

    Do i see it correctly, that Assimp stores material info per geometry (aiMesh) and not per instance (aiNode)?

    Thank You for the time!

    Last edit: Avithohol 2013-09-03
  • Kim Kulling

    Kim Kulling - 2013-09-03


    at first: thanks for the nice words about the Asset-Importer Library.

    And yes, we made the desicion to store the material data per geometry and not per instance as we designed assimp in the beginning.


    • Avithohol

      Avithohol - 2013-09-03

      Hello Kim,

      thank You for the confirmation,
      i think its a decent choice,
      and i can also live with it ;-)

      Happy coding!!


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