DX libs and Boost libs, used for what?

  • Mars_999

    Mars_999 - 2012-08-11

    I am wondering what do I lose in terms if functionality if I don't use the boost, and DX libs to build the Assimp.lib files when I use Cmake?

    I hope I don't lose all the file formats and ability to do mesh manipulations, e.g. calculate tangents, texcoords, normals ect… or degenerate triangles and so forth….

    Thanks for any info what I lose!

  • Alexander Gessler

    DX is only required to build the viewer.

    Boost is required by assimp, but if you disable it, it will use workaround headers which work as well.

    In short: there are no relevant limitations. Go ahead.

    Bye, Alex


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