• Debdatta Basu

    Debdatta Basu - 2010-06-21

    I stumbled on this project by accident about a week ago…… I must say I was thoroughly impressed…. well designed.. lot of features…… Higher level than collada dom, but still  low level enough….

    230 downloads per week? the number should be much much higher in my opinion…. This is just what every game project needs…

    Have you considered adding this project to the collada website? Will be great for publicity… 

  • Thomas Ziegenhagen

    Oh, we did :-) Or better: we have been added at the Collada website by a fellow user of our lib. But this was quite some time ago, our code wasn't as reliable back then as it's now.

    I usually put a little commercial whenever I see someone asking for "how to load 3d models" in one of the game development forums, but I don't have to do that all too often anymore. Now other users usually beat me to it.

    How would you make Assimp more known to the public?

  • Debdatta Basu

    Debdatta Basu - 2010-06-22

    you could start by listing assimp next to collada dom in the collada tools page…… As far as I have tested, assimp handles collada files beautifully, and its one of the major attractions…..

    collada dom is just too cumbersome compared to a library like this. :)

  • Alexander Gessler

    >> collada dom is just too cumbersome
    Oh yes, it is :-)

    I do also believe that Assimp's Collada support is currently one of its major attractions, so we should put our PR efforts in this direction. Collada wiki seems a good idea, any volunteers?

    BTW, I don't think that 100-200 downloads a week are SO bad - its for developers, not end users.

    Bye, Alex

  • Phi Hung Nguyen

    Phi Hung Nguyen - 2012-11-24

    Would github be an option?  SourceForge is used for initial small projects, but if you want a lot of people to contribute, moving it to github would be the first step.


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