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  • Kamil Nowakowski


    For like a several years I'm messing up with 3D and I've wrote my own OBJ loader. When I looked at Assimp's OBJ loader i fugure out a lack of just a few features/compatibilities.

    1. Normal maps with map_Kn map_Bump ( another than map_bump ) - some exporters seems to tag normal textures this way

    2. Vertex/UV/Normal indexing normaly looks like
      f 12/1/4 . . . etc.

    There are exporters that uses non global space of indexes ( starting with 1 , and the index is static and global for the rest of the obj file ). I met obj's that have face looks like :

      f -4/-2/-3 . . . etc

    Negative numbers tells us Xth index behind the f. For example :

    v .. //fisrt
    v .. //second
    v .. //third

    f -1/-2/-3 // face with vertices : third / second / first

    I'd be nice if you guys could add these two more things. You made great work with Assimp ;)

  • Kim Kulling

    Kim Kulling - 2013-01-11


    thanks for the hints, I haven't know them. I will update the obj-importer to support these features as well ( the material statements may be finished faster :-) ).


  • Kim Kulling

    Kim Kulling - 2013-01-26


    I just pushed the stuff for the normal map support. The negativeindex support will be my next task for the asimp library. You can find the changes at github.


  • Kamil Nowakowski

    Its good to hear it :)


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