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ASP Template Has new Maintainer

I have joined the ASP Template project to help with bug fixes and possibly documentation. For obvious reasons, there will probably not be many large feature enhancements.

Please feel free to file bug reports and feature requests using the SF system and I will do my best to respond promptly.

You can expect a bug fix release in the next week or two.

Randy (mrtwice)

Posted by mrtwice 2007-01-26

ASP Template v1.3 released

This new release features a very naty bug fix that prevented the correct usage of nested blocks.

Included is the new ASP.NET version of the library, made by Manuel Bua (VB.NET)

Posted by tanis 2004-11-11

ASPTemplate v1.2.1 released

A new version of the ASPTemplate templating library for ASP/ASPX has been released.

This is only a small update to the 1.2 version which is instead the real big thing for ASPTemplate.
v1.2 features 2 years worth of changes and fixes.

Posted by tanis 2004-09-03

Support for old scripting engine

i have just finished merging Wodge's patches into the CVS version of ASP Template.
This should enable users of the old version of MS Scripting engine (previous to 5.5) to use ASP Template without the submatches.

Posted by tanis 2002-02-25

ASP Template v1.1 released

I released ASP Template v1.1
What's new in this release?
Well, a major speedup due to usage of RegExps and fully working nested blocks.

Posted by tanis 2001-12-19

ASP Template changes license

I decided to change the licensing terms of ASP Template and switch to LGPL in order to give more freedom to users of the library.

Posted by tanis 2001-12-18

Porting to RegExp

I've started porting ASPTemplate in order to gain performance by using the RegExp object.

Posted by tanis 2001-09-28

ASP Template v1.0 released

The first public version of ASP Template has been released to the public for beta testing.

For those of you who still don't know what ASP Template is, well.. it's simple. It's a library in Microsoft ASP that does exactly what PHPLib's templates do for PHP: it separates ASP code from the actual HTML code of the page enabling engineers to focus on web development, while web designers can work on the layout templates at the same time without interferring with the engineers.

Posted by tanis 2001-05-30


Work has started on ASP Template.
I've already imported the main sources into the CVS on SourceForge.

The website will be online soon. Meanwhile you can checkout the sources from the CVS before I package the first release.

Posted by tanis 2001-05-30