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ASPSeek 1.2.7 released

We have just released 1.2.7. See release notes and NEWS for details.

Posted by Kir Kolyshkin 2001-12-07

ASPSeek v.1.2.5 released

We are happy to announce most long-awaited release of ASPSeek
since 0.9.9. Delay in releasing 1.2.5 was caused by several
consecutive reasons, including desire to finish man pages,
my illness and british group Depeche Mode visit to Russia :)
This release adds some nifty features, as well as bugfixes.


* UtfStorage parameter has been implemented, see etc/aspseek.conf-dist and
etc/searchd.conf-dist for details... read more

Posted by Kir Kolyshkin 2001-09-25