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ASProxy 5.5.0 is out

Final version of ASProxy 5.5.0 is released.
Thus this is a new release, no recent work is done on it. Actually all the work was done in two years ago but they were never released. I decided to release them and make this software final.
Not forget that ASProxy web-proxy is discontinued in favor of ASProxyWing.

The change log:
Version 5.5.0 2010/07/13
New: Standard event listeners are supported for Ajax wrapped object XMLHttpRequest.
Fixed: Doing multiply ajax requests causes some issues.
Fixed: document.URL replacement issue is fixed. This causes the whole javascript to fail.
Fixed: Minor javascript parser issues.

Posted by SalarSoft 2013-06-28 Labels: ASProxy ASProxyWing

ASProxy 5.5 Beta1 is out

ASProxy 5.5 is coming with hot and new features for developer who want to write plug-in or extension for ASProxy. The main UI is redesigned and now supports dynamic Ui language change.
Also this release includes an Administration UI which makes configurations very easy and online from every where.

Posted by SalarSoft 2009-09-14

ASProxy 5.1 is out

New version of ASProxy is released and ready to download.

Posted by SalarSoft 2009-04-15

Version 5.0 is out

Today I released ASProxy version 5.0
It is major update since version 3.5 and supports lots of Web 2.0 features like AJAX.

Go and get it today. you will enjoy it.

Posted by SalarSoft 2009-01-23

ACID 2 Test passed successfully

ASProxy is going to be more standard and now it passes web standards Acid2 test.

ASProxy can pass this test since version 4.6

Posted by SalarSoft 2008-11-21

DOCTYPE Supported

Since version 4.6 DOCTYPE tag of html is supported. This feature prevents lots of layout bad behavior and JavaScript problems.

Posted by SalarSoft 2008-09-12

Subfolders supported

Since v4.3 according to changes to "asproxyencoder.js" file installation in sub folders will work without any issue.

Posted by SalarSoft 2008-06-16

Czech translation added

Thanks to Michal Baťha Czech added to ASProxy language package.

Posted by SalarSoft 2008-06-16

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