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New Features: URL Rewriting / Comment Notification

Major upgrades to the Blog Control. It now supports optional URL rewriting (for search engine optimization), custom URL rewriting templates, RSS link handler, and a new notification option (for when new comments are posted to the blog).

A Portuguese translation has been added to the package. Thanks go to Manuel Alves.

The FlickrSync utility has been updated to handle transfer errors more gracefully.

Posted by byanis 2008-02-04

Swedish Translation Added

A Swedish translation has been added to the package. Thanks go to Peter Forss for his generous assistance.

Posted by byanis 2007-09-11

Full Localization Support Added

I've just posted an update that allows for full localization support. The package now contains English and Dutch translations; and it's easy to add new translations for languages not included. If you translate it, let me know, so that I can include it in the next release.

Posted by byanis 2007-08-24

Internationalization Updates

I've made updates to the Blog Control and Gallery Control to better support internationalized dates.

Posted by byanis 2007-06-04

Minor Gallery Control Update

I've posted a minor update to the Gallery Control. Now, the 'Show Advanced' button will only be visible if necessary. If you disable all options, it will no longer appear.

Posted by byanis 2007-05-04

Minor Blog Control Updates

I've released two minor updates to the Blog Control.

The first adds the option to remember Commenters' names and URL's via a cookie, so that they need not type them each time. It's an optional new feature, if you'd like to use it.

The second is a bug fix. This corrects the error that you would receive when adding a new post to an otherwise empty database. Resolved.

Posted by byanis 2007-04-13

New Sample Project / Test Drive Added

I've added a new sample project that includes the Content Control, Blog Control, and Gallery Control in a complete and fully-functional package. It's available for download.

Also, I've created a website where you can test drive the controls from the comfort of your web browser.

Posted by byanis 2007-04-05

Second SourceForge release!

The second release has been posted... This one is a much more simplified version of the control, rewritten in an easier-to-modify user control.


Posted by byanis 2007-01-19

Initial Release

I've posted the first package of the Content Control. If you have any questions or requests, please use the forums so everyone can see.

Posted by byanis 2006-12-18

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