#24 Patch for Ispell.el to improve UTF-8 support, misc.


I've attached a compressed diff that will apply cleanly
against the Ispell.el 3.7 beta dated 22 Sept 2003,
available from
If need be, it should not be hard to backport it to
Ispell.el 3.6, although as far as I can tell, what made
Ispell.el 3.7 a "beta" was that it used a couple
functions that were defined in the Ispell.el
maintainer's setup, but not by all Emacs users, and
those problems are fixed by this patch. The features of
the patch:

* If the "ispell" used by Emacs is really a version of
Aspell 0.50 or greater, then by default the encoding to
pass strings to and from the Ispell process is whatever
encoding Emacs uses to display the file being spell
checked. UTF-8 support is only available for Aspell
0.60 or better, and it works for Aspell 0.60
pre-release snapshots dated after 24 Apr 2004. This
feature can be turned off by setting
ispell-auto-detect-encoding to nil.

* By default the casechars, non-casechars, and
otherchars are determined from the encoding returned by
ispell-get-coding-system. I tried so set things up so
that foreign letters (i.e. accented characters)
would not be mistaken for word separators by the
ispell-word function or Flyspell. This feature can be
turned off by setting ispell-auto-detect-casechars to nil.

* The feature from the patch at
where Aspell is notified "of the replacements you make
so it can improve the suggestion list in the future",
has been integrated into this patch. Since for Aspell
to keep a record of replacements the personal
dictionary has to be saved, and apparently not all
Ispell.el users want this, this feature can be turned
off by setting
ispell-aspell-learn-from-user-misspelling to nil.


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    Kevin Atkinson - 2011-06-26
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  • Kevin Atkinson

    Kevin Atkinson - 2016-12-11
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