#25 Aspell pipe - return after first spell check


Hi there,

I'm working on a program to spell check a document that
user can edit interactively as in Word.

It would be really useful if Aspell in piped mode could
return immediately after the first spelling suggestion for
the sentence.

So if the sentence has many spelling mistakes, it needs
to return immediately after the first one and not go on
and examine the remaining ones.

Suggestion e.g. use ^^ instead of ^ or some other
symbol then,

^^the quick brown fox jmps ove the lzy dog
should spell check only as far as the "jmps" spelling
mistake there and then return the data for that word

The reason for this is that I need to pass data to Aspell
via the pipe and it is best to send a lot at a time -
transmission of the data is fast. But don't want Aspell to
spell check all the word as then calling program would
have to way a number of seconds for it to return all the
spelling suggestions for all of them. Just the first one is

Typically in a Windows GUI based spell checker, user
clicks Spell Check next, then the spell checker will go
forward to the next spelling mistake and pop up a list of
suggestions. User then accepts or not - but then can
pause, edit the document and change it anywhere,
copy, paste, multiple undo, can do anything really before
going on to check the next one. So any later data os
best assumed to be invalid by the time of the next spell
check - no point in finding or retaining it. Ony slows
things down.

Aspell is fast to skip through correct words and slower
to do the suggestions lists so stopping at first
suggestions list would make it far faster. The only work
around so far I found is to spell check one word at a
time. Even two words at a time will sometimes mean it
waits twice as long as it needs too. So sending by
blocks is inapporpriate

The command line model isn't appropriate here as the
user can change any part of document at any time,
paste text from another program, undo changes etc.

All the programmer has available is the position of the
caret (text cursor) in the text and the current text for
the document, doesn't know what got changed.

Not high priority at all - it works fine as it is but will be a
bit faster with this feature, so if it is easy to code
please do. I think other W32 developers aiming to code
similar projects will find it useful too.




  • Robert Walker

    Robert Walker - 2003-09-04
    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • Robert Walker

    Robert Walker - 2003-09-04

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    Just to explain:

    When using in the gui the way it works is that the user clicks
    anywhere in the document to set the caret there. Then the
    spell check will proceed forward through the document from
    teh current position of the caret - so the data the calling
    program would send to Aspell through the pipe would be the
    rest of the document after the caret and Aspell then should
    return with information about the first spelling mistake in that

    Unless the document is really large, hundreds of KB then the
    size of the string to be sent to Aspell is of no consideration
    for speed as sending it is near instantaneous.

  • Kevin Atkinson

    Kevin Atkinson - 2003-09-07
    • priority: 1 --> 2
    • assigned_to: nobody --> kevina
  • Kevin Atkinson

    Kevin Atkinson - 2016-12-11
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