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#15 Send To - Aspell with other languages

Ralf Hauser

Aspell 0.50.3 (win32) ( works
fine using the desktop mouse-right-click "Send To -
aspell" for the default language ("en_US"?).

How can I do that if I want to spell-check a German file.
1) Is there a way to change the language once the
spell-checker window has appeared?
2) Would I have to add a second "Send To - aspell-DE"
menu item with additional command-line arguments
(--lang="de_CH"? If so, how would I do that?

My suggestion is to add some words on this to the
manual pages.


  • Kevin Atkinson

    Kevin Atkinson - 2002-12-18
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  • Kevin Atkinson

    Kevin Atkinson - 2002-12-18
    • assigned_to: nobody --> netztorte
  • Thorsten Maerz

    Thorsten Maerz - 2002-12-18

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    1) No.
    2) This was left out intentionally, cause the DOS console is
    not able to switch encodings correctly. Of course you can
    add a second link in your "documents and
    settings\<yourname>\sendto" folder, but you will run into
    problems using umlauts.

  • Ralf Hauser

    Ralf Hauser - 2002-12-18

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    Thx a link pointing to
    C:\...\bin\aspell\0.50-3-2\bin\aspell.exe --lang=de_CH check
    works perfect. Since I mostly go for html files, e.g. ü
    is not recognized, but I guess, eventually, this will work
    too. Or should I post a corresponding feature request?

  • Kevin Atkinson

    Kevin Atkinson - 2016-12-11
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  • Kevin Atkinson

    Kevin Atkinson - 2016-12-11

    This no longer seams relevent. Closing.