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Resources in NAnt Task

  • Gustavo Spadari

    Gustavo Spadari - 2005-08-09

    Is it possible to tell to the nant task where are the 3 party DLLs located?
    I mean, if my project uses only System namespace and those provided by microsoft, everything works ok. But when I try to weave a DLL that uses other DLL that I've build like other projects (and referenced by the csc "reference" tag on nant), I receive an error telling that that DLL is not found.

    • Thomas GIL

      Thomas GIL - 2005-08-13

      Sure, this is possible but not in the command line nor using the nant tasks: you'll specify it directly in the AspectDNG.xml file (check the one that comes with the source distribution, in the unit tests).


      PS: please notice that I don't check this forum very frequently because we have one in Feel free to post questions there, in french or in english, no prob.


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