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Development moved to .NET - MyXLS

Development efforts on ASPBIFF8 have resumed and moved to .NET. The code has been ported to .NET, and has been released under the project MyXLS (also on SourceForge). A first release has been made at or slightly above the feature level in the last release here at ASPBIFF8. Join us there!

Posted by Tim Erickson 2007-10-16

Got Formatting!

ASPBIFF8 now supports cell & font formatting in alpha version (0.4-alpha). Colors are close but not just yet. Documentation... well...

Posted by Tim Erickson 2005-07-24

Serve multi-sheet XLS in VBScript w/o Excel

Move beyond the limitations of single-sheet, single-range Excel workbooks generated on IIS/ASP/VBScript without resorting to the Excel Application COM object. It's also 3 times faster than Excel! Basic functionality only now, but the concept is proven and functionality can be added as the project gains momentum.

Posted by Tim Erickson 2005-04-25

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