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Installation bug corrected

Unfortunately a bug in the latest install.php script went undetected for a few weeks. It would have prevented anyone from being able to complete the installation. This bug has now been found and corrected and you should once again be able to install the software without any trouble.

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2015-09-03

Version 5.4.5 released!

Converted to MySQLi for compatibility with newer versions of PHP. FCKEditor replaced with the new improved CKEditor for WYSIWYG editing in the admin panel.

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2015-06-24

Version 5.4.0 released

EU cookie law compliant, support for new payment gateways including American Express, integration with MaxMin minFraud, product images now keep their original filenames...

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2012-12-15

Version 5.3.4 released

Now features a menu editor, a QR code generator, a shopping cart optimized for mobile devices and much more.

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2012-08-14

Version 5.2.0 has been released!

The aim of this version has been to modernize the software. It now has an AJAX based add to cart routine instead of the old ugly popup window, the image zoom and gallery have been replaced with smooth lightbox scripts, the default design has got an overhaul and the checkout process has been simplified. For all users who host on Windows or servers with no built-in mail support, you will be happy to know that AShop finally supports SMTP mail, which means that you can send email through any mail server of your choice.

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2011-12-16

Version 5.1.4 now available

This version fixes several bugs and some XSS vulnerabilities. To update from a previous version, run update.php in your browser after uploading the new scripts.

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2011-11-09

AShop back to GPL!

After being sold as a commercial software for the last 10 years AShop is now returned to its original license, the GPL. With many years of development it is now a stable and mature software with lots of useful features for selling online.

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2011-10-14

Try out the Swedish version

There is now a release of the Swedish version of AShop. Only some parts have been implemented and there is no administration scripts so everything needs to be edited by hand.

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2001-02-02

A free affiliate marketing system

The Ashop system will include affiliate marketing tools to help anyone market their products online.

Posted by Andreas Rimheden 2000-12-19

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