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    • Bertil Friman

      Bertil Friman - 2008-01-20

      I am looking for a free Ada compiler for Windows. However, the free
      compilers I found appear to use libraries which are licensed in a way
      that would require any user to publish all software linked to them.

      Do you have any comments to this problem? In my world, free software means
      free to use but not free to redistribute. The normal use of a runtime
      library is to link it with application software. So it should not come with
      any obligations regarding the users application software. It is like if you
      have a program that manages photos. The normal use is to manage jpg files.
      So the jpg files should not automatically become common property once you
      start to use the program.

      Also, I am a bit confused about how a company (e.g. Adacore) can release
      formerly free software as non-GPl bound software, requiring customers to pay
      100's thousands of dollars for it.

      Can any body explain this?

      Best regards


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