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source back on sourceforge

the source code of asdt was moved back to its old subversion repository.

Posted by Martin Schnabel 2009-06-30

New ASDT development site

ASDT development moved to a trac environment at .
You can find the code, a wiki and a ticket system there.
This news section will no longer be used for announcements; use the blog at to stay informed

Posted by Martin Schnabel 2007-07-14

New beta release

Its been a long time coming but finally we've got a beta release of 0.0.9 ready for general consumption.

You can either grab it from the update site

or install it manually from the zip in the download section.

Whats changed?

Practically everything, new parser, new model. Build manager, classpath management. New integrated logging systems.

If you have any issues please report them to us over on the users list or by using the tracker.... read more

Posted by Martin Wood 2007-06-29

Version 0.0.8.build5

You can find new version on ASDT update site.

Changes :
- Improve DOM parser performences by caching
- Improve Logger functionnalities
- Double click on log message open corresponding AS file in editor
- Icons show severity
- New syntax color configuration parameters (you can adjust bold and italic for each type)
- Toplevel key words like (trace, setInterval ... are colorized)
- UTF BOM doesn't produce any Warning message
- ...... read more

Posted by Boris Beaulant 2005-09-12

Introduce Update Site


now we have an update site for the Eclipse Software Update. To try it out, we have published a unstable version of version 0.0.8. So check it out :-)

How to use it :

- Remove all old ASDT Versions from plugin-folder (I hope this will be the last time :-) )

- Choose "Help" > "Software Update" > "Find and install" from the Eclipse Menu

- Select "Search for new features to install"... read more

Posted by Peter Schreiber 2005-08-05

new Version

Hello :-)

This is just a small version with "only" two new features:

- support of MTASC 1.05
- genereate getter/setter dialog

Thanks to Darron and Boris :-)))))

Posted by Peter Schreiber 2005-06-01

Version 0.0.7 is avaliable !!!

For more details please see the release notes.

Very special thanks to
- Nico Zimmermann for a lot new features
- Sascha Wolter for the release notes

Posted by Peter Schreiber 2005-02-20

Version 0.0.6 avaliable !

- some bugfixes
- codecompletion: it shows functions and variables of superclasses."this" and "super" work also
- shift a codeblock with tab/shift-tab work now
- until I have some propertypages you can change some settings in a property file
you will find this file in {eclipsefolder}/plugins/org.asdt_0.0.x/resources
There you can change the update of the Outlineview, the sourceClasspath (src),
the coreClasspath (base), and some colors of the text.
The sourceClasspath cann have more than one entry (separated by comma,
e.g. src,src2,myFolder/src3);
- core classes are colored in the text
- first try of creating a Actionscript2 Class and Project wizard (not realy usable)

Posted by Peter Schreiber 2004-12-07

Version 0.0.5 avaliable !

With improved code completion !

Posted by Peter Schreiber 2004-11-22

Version 0.0.4 avaliable !

A new Version with revised code completion is avaliable!

Posted by Peter Schreiber 2004-11-17

My first tryout

I released my first tries with the plugin. For further information see the description.txt at download.

Have fun :-)

Posted by Peter Schreiber 2004-11-03