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Ascape 5.6.0 Release

I've just dropped a new version of Ascape. This one includes an update to the Eclipse update site that now features full support for creating custom Ascape projects, and is designed to work seemlessly with the Escape and Agent Modeling Project tools. Plus, some more improvements to Swing functionality from Oliver.

The really big (for geeks anyway) news is that I've finally taken the time to put together an automated build system for Ascape, something we've needed for a long time. This basically means that whenever there is a change to the software, a build will automatically be triggered. So when we fix a bug, you'll literally be able to try out the fix the next day.... read more

Posted by Miles Parker 2010-08-06

Ascape 5.5.0 Released

Posted by Miles Parker 2010-01-07

Ascape 5.2.0 Release

5.2.0 is now available. This release includes repackaging so that Ascape core has no external dependencies and is designed to support the new Eclipse Escape project. There is also a new Swing Applet feature that allows any Ascape model to be easily deployed to an applet.

Posted by Miles Parker 2009-09-04

Ascape Update Site

There is a new Eclipse update site hosted here at Sourceforge. (No need to go to the metaabm site anymore.) Please give it a try and let me know how it works.

Thanks to Michiel Henriks for writing an article that made this super easy to set up.

And the Nick Boldt at Eclipse Modeling releng who has been making huge improvements to the Eclipse build process.

Posted by Miles Parker 2009-09-04

Ascape 5.1.3 Release

Fixes an issue with the agent inspector (it didn't work!) and a problem with the firms model restarting. The firms model has a new usage of stretchy view which is worth checking out.

Posted by Miles Parker 2009-04-20

Important note for Mac Users

The default implementation for Java awt graphics is horribly slow. To fix this, you should always set the Java graphics to use the older (and much faster) quartz renderer. This means for example that instead of double-clicking the jar you should launch it from terminal (as explained in docs) like below:

java -cp Ascape_5.1.3.jar org.ascape.runtime.swing.SwingRunner... read more

Posted by Miles Parker 2009-04-20

Ascape 5.1.2

This is a maintenance release to fix reported issue with auto-restart behavior for some models.

Posted by Miles Parker 2009-03-20

Ascape 5.1.1 Release

This release takes care of some broken models and should be downloaded by all Ascape users. Keep those bug reports and feature requests coming!

Posted by Miles Parker 2008-12-11

Ascape 5.1.0 Release

Ascape 5.1 is a maintenance release with project refactorings to remove Swing dependencies from base package, improvements to model run infrastructure, and cumulative improvements and minor fixes.

Posted by Miles Parker 2008-09-08

metaABM for Ascape

metaABM is a model generation tool that allows users to create complete ABM models with drag-and-drop editing. It also provides a number of tools that help Ascape to integrate nicely into the Eclipse environment. Take a look:

Posted by Miles Parker 2008-03-18

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