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AnotherScrapBook / News: Recent posts

Know-your-configs Release A.04.01.14

Just a minor fix and features release which add two options to better handle configs.

Download the package, call install.sh (as root), and then enjoy ASB!


Posted by Eric L. 2008-08-03

version A.04.01.13

NEW: version A.04.01.13
CHANGE: if item didn't change, template is still run for its side effects (output goes to /dev/null).
DEVEL: refactorized output_dir and output_file into _output_item (Template).
FIX: take into account the tvnorm option which was silently ignored.
NEW: add '--film-format' option to choose the film output format (vcd, dvd, etc...) - don't rely on this one, I'm not too happy with the implementation.

Posted by Eric L. 2008-06-23

Fix Release A.04.01.12 of AnotherScrapBook

After more than one year of pause, a new version of AnotherScrapBook that fixes a few annoying issues like errors when transcoding films and hanger when calling external applications.

Have fun, Eric

Posted by Eric L. 2008-03-13

Release A.04.01.11 of ASB with fix and MPEG2

This version has been mainly concentrating on bug fixing, one nasty with wrong rights especially, and move away from MPEG1 towards MPEG2, a small step towards DVD compatibility.

Enjoy, Eric

Posted by Eric L. 2007-02-25

Release A.04.01.10 of ASB with free navigation and indexing

Before I repeat everything what I've already written elsewhere, have a look at:

Have fun, Eric

Posted by Eric L. 2006-11-10

New release of AnotherScrapBook with templates

Version A.04.01.05 of AnotherScrapBook has been released, with the capacity to create slideshows based on Templates. Check the release notes and the man pages for more information.
And send your templates!

Posted by Eric L. 2005-05-04