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ActionScript 2 Documentation Project / News: Recent posts


If you'd like to help us, please let us know. We could really do with:
* A Graphic Artist to make better icons and improve the site design.
* A web devloper to help improve the site.
* XML savvy types, OOA&D savvy types, C# savvy types etc..

Send me a mail: squee-d at

Posted by Rasheed Abdal-Aziz 2004-10-10

New developer joins the team.

I'd like to welcome 'acetate45' to the team. He is kinda new to C# and XSL but he's eager to help out so I am glad to have him on board!

Posted by Rasheed Abdal-Aziz 2004-10-10

V0.3alpha Released

V 0.3 alpha released
10th October 2004
I'm very happy with this release, you will see the beginings of an object browser now. Still, nothing that a bunch of other tools don't do, but it's a great leap forward for me and the project.

Posted by Rasheed Abdal-Aziz 2004-10-10

V 0.2 alpha Released

Yay!. This is actually functional.

To use this little baby
1. run it
2. create a project in (file|new) is your base package directory
3. save the project (file|save)
And now you should have a beutiful XML document with packages, classes, methods, properties and parameters all laid out nicely. On top of that, your javadoc style DocComments should also be there. Only block comments are parsed currently.... read more

Posted by Rasheed Abdal-Aziz 2004-09-26

First Release 0.1alpha - IRC Channel

A very young alpha version of the app was released today.

It's very young, and I released it with 2 intentions.

1. To get feedback on the parser. As many people code many ways, I would like to see how it handles other peoples packages.

2. To give people an idea of where it's at and drum up some interest in the project :)

Also, the project has an IRC channel now. Over on - #as2documentor... read more

Posted by Rasheed Abdal-Aziz 2004-09-20

RoadMap 1.0

Just to give you an idea of what I hope to see this application do, here is a roughly chronological, conceptual roadmap.

Stage 1
--Correctly parse the following:
----Import Statements
--Simple Viewer
----Be able to view all classes clearly to allow testing to be carried out.
--Parse Inline Documentation
----Javadoc Style
----C# XML Style
--Present Documentation in the Simple viewer.... read more

Posted by Rasheed Abdal-Aziz 2004-09-16

Project Begins

I have posted two modules into the CVS for this project:


AS2doc needs to be renamed soon, I want to avoid collisions with the commercial product of the same name.

Both are c# projects. AS2Doc relies on ASParser, and ASParser relies on the RTools.Util package (which you can get free at:\)

I like this simple tokenizer, however I will have to see what the side effects of including his source in a GPL project are, and decide whether or not to create a GPL'ed Equivelant.... read more

Posted by Rasheed Abdal-Aziz 2004-09-16