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MW2005 1.1b RELEASED

Mathematics Works 2005 Version 1.1b STABLE CORE Released !!!
It features diff , int , limit , eval , plot , iplot (integer plot) , gcd , partition , ithprime , ans , user defined functions , user defined variables , etc. linux source is already out , windows binaries coming soon !!!

Posted by ravi 2005-01-01

MW 2005 Core Complete !!!

Good News to one and all !!! Mathematics Works 2005 can be expected to have a stable first release around 28th of this month keep checking this page for some time to come..
mw2005 supports multiple differentiation of a function of several variables upto any level , plotting 2d / 3d graphs , storing functions of several variables f(x,y,z) and using them in computations , and lots of combinatorial functions like permutations , partitions , gcd , lcm , primality testing , factorization , decimal (recurring) to fractions and vice versa . stick around, mw2005 is coming SOON , really SOON....

Posted by ravi 2004-12-25

MW2005 Command Demo released

MW 2005 Command Demo has been released ..
Though it supports only a single command , partition(n) , we are releasing this sample only to show you that MW 2005 is nearly a 1000 times faster than our previous avatar MTC 3b...
Check it out....

Posted by ravi 2004-12-23

Mathematics Works 2005 Coming Soon !!

Mathematician 3b's successor will not be Mathematician 4 but Mathematics Works 2005 , which features a full fledged real analysis section , a developing number theory section and a neat linear algebra zone.<!---TOTALLY NEW ENGINE---!>

Posted by ravi 2004-12-23