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Artist 0.4 alpha release

The library was converted from C++ to pure C. All functionalities and API's where kept from the previous version.

This conversion to C was decided to simplify the API and facilitate the development of language bindings.

Most internal (non-interface) code was unaltered. This release is still alpha because of this major change but most functionalities appear to be correctly implemented and working. Next release will possibly be beta.

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2008-01-21

Artist 0.3 released

Artist 0.3 version was released. It is still marked as alpha because it was not tested in a sufficient variety of environments, but it appears quite stable.

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2007-12-16

Project name changed to Artist

The project name has changed to Artist. Version 0.3 will be released soon.

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2007-12-15

Pycasso 0.1 developer release

The first file release of pycasso is out! :) This is an unstable pre-alpha release and it is not ready for use.

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2006-12-09