Artifactory 1.2.1 final has been released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 1.2.1 final.

Major changes in this release (since
- Enhanced security model with repository+repository-path based authorization
- Importing repositories as zip archives
- Stricter deploy time checks for better repository consistency
- Fully JRE 1.5 compliant (both in standalone and war versions)
- Users can manage their own profile
- Improved documentation
- Many, many bug fixes and small improvements

The complete release notes are available here:
and at the bottom of this message.

Upgrading from 1.2.1-rcX
While Artifactory is down:
- Make a backup of the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME folder.
- Remove the artifactory.config.xml file from the extracted zip.
- Copy the extracted zip content over to your exiting
$ARTIFACTORY_HOME, overwriting exiting files.
If you are using the standalone version on Linux, also reinstall the
artifactoryctl init script.

Upgrading from 1.2.0.x
Make a backup of the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME folder..
To upgrade the configuration copy the
$ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/artifactory.config.xml file over to the new
To upgrade repositories content, please export your repositories from
the old version and re-import them into the current one using the web
Unfortunately, security settings have dramatically changed from
1.2.0.x and cannot be imported.


The Artifactory Team

Release Notes - Artifactory - Version 1.2.1

** Bug
* [RTFACT-5] - The search is unusable and stalled on big repositories
* [RTFACT-18] - Huge amount of tmp files in tomcat/temp folder named maven-artifactXXXX.tmp
* [RTFACT-33] - Cannot connect to artifactory with https
* [RTFACT-35] - Deleting from one repo delete ALL
* [RTFACT-45] - Getting 404 on __package__.js
* [RTFACT-47] - Strange errors during webdav deployment (with mod_jk)
* [RTFACT-57] - Fix pop-up POM viewer in IE
* [RTFACT-59] - Mirror is serving from all URLs
* [RTFACT-61] - Cannot remove groupId from repository
* [RTFACT-62] - Cannot flush whole repository
* [RTFACT-66] - Deploy page wrongly requires global admin role
* [RTFACT-67] - Importing repository from path does not validate groupId/path relationship
* [RTFACT-70] - Cannot deploy POMs that contain umlaut characters
* [RTFACT-71] - Inconsistency between docs and default config
* [RTFACT-72] - SQLException when there are two local repositories
* [RTFACT-76] - HTTP 500 error when trying to open a repository that does not exist
* [RTFACT-78] - Cannot upload snapshot jar via web UI
* [RTFACT-79] - Destoy methods called twice upon shudown
* [RTFACT-80] - Deployed artifact classifier input field is red
* [RTFACT-89] - Artifact search is broken on IE
* [RTFACT-90] - Unable to start the service as the jetty user
* [RTFACT-98] - Deployment succeeds despite being rejected by include/exclude pattern
* [RTFACT-99] - Real exception swallowed when ArtifactDeploymentException is thrown
* [RTFACT-103] - maven-metadata.xml incomplete
* [RTFACT-104] - maven-metadata.xml is overriden instead of merged when deploying from the web ui
* [RTFACT-109] - Checksum warnings on deployment
* [RTFACT-112] - Busy ajax indicator does not disappear
* [RTFACT-119] - Can not retrieve remote resources when there is no Last-Modified header
* [RTFACT-122] - Can't run release goal with 1.2.1-rc0 (return code of 500)
* [RTFACT-123] - Artifactory seems to ignore uniqueVersion pom entry
* [RTFACT-124] - Restriction to releases only not enforced
* [RTFACT-129] - Artifactory does not seem to discriminate between releases and snapshots
* [RTFACT-130] - When search string contains "-" the results are always empty
* [RTFACT-132] - When opening a tree node in the browser it opened 3 paths deep
* [RTFACT-133] - CLI Deployment of unqiue version snapshots is broken
* [RTFACT-138] - Concurrent deployment locking issues
* [RTFACT-139] - Missing classifiers for CLI deployment of snapshots
* [RTFACT-141] - Failed to transfer file error [500 Internal Server Error]
* [RTFACT-143] - Cannot delete certain artifacts from repo
* [RTFACT-148] - Can't override all JAVA_OPTIONS in artifactoryctl
* [RTFACT-149] - Make sure resource content length is always returned
* [RTFACT-152] - After RTFACT-67 cannot import folder that has pom with no version
* [RTFACT-153] - When importing one pom file from the web jcr errors are swallowed
* [RTFACT-154] - 500 error with directory requests
* [RTFACT-155] - Cannot view or download war files
* [RTFACT-156] - Deploying war app fail (Failed to start maven embedder)
* [RTFACT-157] - Failed to acquire node lock
* [RTFACT-158] - NPE is thrown if failedRetrievalCachePeriodSecs or missedRetrievalCachePeriodSecs is disabled
* [RTFACT-159] - classifier extracted wrong on deploy via Web-UI
* [RTFACT-162] - Deploying a snapshot jar results in a jar named *-snapshot-snapshot.jar
* [RTFACT-163] - Don't include the model version in import path validation of unique version snapshots
* [RTFACT-165] - I can upload a tar.gz file but i cannot download it.
* [RTFACT-166] - Cache rpository permissions are not effective

** Change Request
* [RTFACT-75] - Downgrade the required JDK version to 1.5

** Cosmetic
* [RTFACT-81] - Artifactory logo has white background on IE

** Documentation
* [RTFACT-74] - Update the security docs
* [RTFACT-84] - Add the default admin username and password to the FAQ page
* [RTFACT-101] - Add doco for using a proxy with a remote repository
* [RTFACT-102] - Update user docs on how to define permissions for a combination or repository and path
* [RTFACT-116] - Document the flow of handling downloads
* [RTFACT-117] - "Features" section

** Improvement
* [RTFACT-49] - Visulaization of end of Import/Export
* [RTFACT-50] - Add global ajax busy indicator
* [RTFACT-52] - Add "page is loading" indicator
* [RTFACT-53] - Add help bubbles to fields
* [RTFACT-54] - Improve help bubble
* [RTFACT-60] - Group/user security scheme too restrictive
* [RTFACT-64] - Support repository-based permissions
* [RTFACT-68] - Allow all users to change their password
* [RTFACT-73] - Show who deployed an artifact
* [RTFACT-82] - Ability to specify the location of the artifactory configuration file
* [RTFACT-83] - Configuring Log4j file location
* [RTFACT-92] - Support export/import of caches
* [RTFACT-93] - Change the data storage dir name from"repos" to "data"
* [RTFACT-105] - Deploy an artifact with its pom in a single deployer operation
* [RTFACT-108] - Report bad backup cron expression error and successful backup initialization
* [RTFACT-110] - Add a way to export all repositories in one click
* [RTFACT-113] - Artifact browser tree slow autoexpand for big folders.
* [RTFACT-125] - Login timeout is awkward
* [RTFACT-131] - The Loading wicket activity should be in the middle of the screen
* [RTFACT-136] - artifactoryctl does not work on solaris
* [RTFACT-140] - change repo url of default configuration
* [RTFACT-164] - Check include/exclude patterns and handle snapshot/releases on import

** New Feature
* [RTFACT-65] - Import to local repository from uploadable zip file

** Task
* [RTFACT-25] - Version + revision indication
* [RTFACT-40] - Separate the http stream from Blob creation
* [RTFACT-46] - Installation instructions and scripts for tomcat
* [RTFACT-86] - Activate all repository:path security checkpoints
* [RTFACT-94] - Store the current version in the database
* [RTFACT-95] - Handle JCR schema changes
* [RTFACT-118] - Upgrade to wicket-1.3.0-incubating-beta1
* [RTFACT-135] - Modify the bat script

Posted by Yoav Landman 2007-06-25

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