retentionPeriodHours no longe being respected

  • gcody

    gcody - 2009-06-19


    Previously we were using artifactory1.2.5 with a
    backups set to run once per day and the retentionPeriodHours set to 23. This meant that
    at most 1 backup of the artifactory would be stored at any 1 time. Done due to space limits.

    The same settings are not being respected when
    using artifactory2.0.6.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I will have to set up a cron job for this as a work-around. I think this qualifies as a bug.


    • Fred Simon

      Fred Simon - 2009-06-21

      Usually this happens because the backup failed for some reason. If backup fails the "old" backups are not deleted and so the retention period is not activated.
      You need to check the log for some error during backup.


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