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Where are my dependency jar files

  • gpatwa

    gpatwa - 2008-04-29


    This might be a stupid question, I use maven proxy for our internal maven repository but I want to replace with artifactory.

    I have installed 1.2.5 standalone version on windows, I have one concern how do I port my existing maven proxy repository to artifactory.

    But my biggest concern was when I upload any dependency jars from UI, where it is getting copied on artifactory repository. for example oracle jdbc driver "ojdbc14.jar" if I upload this file manually from UI where it is copying on file system on artifactory server.


    • Fred Simon

      Fred Simon - 2008-04-29

      First, to save time you should import using the folder or zip import which will import the whole previous repository.
      Second, Artifactory manages artifacts inside it's database, so you'll see your repository as a file system with export and backup.


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