Special Monkey - 2012-06-29

I'm trying to use an LDAP filter like:


to restrict access to these two users.

(&(uid=foo)(status=current)) - works
so does (&(uid={0})(status=current))

these don't:


The error in the artifactory log is:

2012-06-29 10:53:38,470   (o.a.s.l.ArtifactoryBindAuthenticator:150) - User: foo found 2 times in LDAP server
2012-06-29 10:53:38,471   (o.a.s.l.AbstractLdapService:63) - Failed to authenticate user foo: Bad credentials

I also tried using || as the OR operator.

I would simply like to limit access to a small group of UIDs specified in the filter and not use an additional attribute like artifactory_user=true - since we have limited ability to make changes to this LDAP instance.