ktaeter - 2012-10-02

Hi guys,

I have the problem that I have to maintain maven 1 and maven 3 projects.
Therefore I try to deploy my maven 1 artifacts into artifactory.
In artifactory I created a local repository with the maven 1 repository layout.
When I manually upload a maven 1 artifact (jar) via the gui into the artifactory, I can download it during my maven 3 install phase. (My maven 3 artifacts have dependencies to the maven 1 old backend code….)
Now I want to deploy my maven 1 artifacts during build time into the artifactory, but I do not know how.
Problem is that maven 1 only allows me to deploy via scp,sftp or filesystem and I can not successfully run a deploy goal against the artifactory via scp, sftp or filesystem. (I think Artifactory stores the artifacts in an own db).

Does anyone has/had the same problem???
Does anyone has an idea for me, please ???
thanks in advance