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New version 1.2.082320

Support Kaspersky For Samba server.
Adding Kaspersky For Samba server in ARTICA-ISO using Samba
Support network dusbin in Samba
Adding statistics Mysql modules in Samba
improve users & groups section in Artica Interface.
Fixed configurations error in DansGuardian (see\)
Delete not necessary mlkwdc button in groups settings.
Remove warning on DKIM filter if it is not enabled.
Fixed error creating table audit2 in artica_events table when using samba
fixed error creating table sys_events by the daemon. Now it is in charge of the PHP interface.
Adding new feature: when you change mysql username and password this will change account in mysql server too.
Fix milter-greylist configuration (debian repository didn't use milter-greylist with racl and dacl acls prefix).
Rebuild awstats: now the web server show the original awstats pages.
Adding awstats for SQUID3 if it is installed.
Enhance Global administrator changes.
Fix some errors in deb installation
Fix corrupted binaries files.
Fix errors in when there is an empty array.
Now dansguardian default values are viewed even the user has no saved the configuration file.
Adding awstats in Artica-ISO when choosing SQUID
Adding squid3-client in Artica-IS0 When choosing SQUID.
Fixed some configuration error in DansGuardian.
Artica Test now if SQUID3 is ICAP compliance.
Fix error set mynetworks in postfix configuration.
Fix Artica not generate awstats statistics.
Fix artica didn't generate backup.

Posted by David Touzeau 2008-08-24

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