current snapshot: trouble creating new account (and using demo) -- now fixed

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sean oc
  • sean oc

    sean oc - 2014-04-22

    I've been using Art 2.5.2 for several months and like it; thank you.

    I decided to dig into a current source snapshot to see if there is anything I can do to help as I do some minor customizations. I like the UI changes I see.

    While writing this email, somehow the problem fixed itself, so I'll send this in case somehow the error wasn't entirely between the chair and the keyboard, it might provide a little help. Below is the rest of my message which is now resolved (unsure how/why):

    Unfortunately with the current hg checkout and subsequent 'mvn clean install' I cannot create a new user with my mysql setup. The error is:

    And if I try to login as admin/admin in the demo db I get:
    An error occurred

    java.sql.SQLException: Column not found: ACTIVE Query: SELECT * FROM ART_USERS WHERE USERNAME = ? Parameters: [admin]

    It's quite likely I'm missing something obvious, so any pointers would be great. For what it's worth, I am using Oracle JDK, which I think had a note in the install, but mvn said it completed successfully.



    • Timothy Anyona

      Timothy Anyona - 2014-04-23

      Hi Sean,
      The demo db is not up-to-date, so that's why. But you can create your own db and run the art_tables.sql, or run the upgrade script on a test db you have.


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